Gliderol Insulated Roller door seven feet high

Available in any size

Fitting service available in most areas

After choosing your garage door size you will then be presented with a choice of colours; there is no commitment to buy at this stage.

Please select your Gliderol Insulated Roller door from the list below depending on the width of the garage door opening.

The actual width of the garage door will be slightly larger than the width of your garage door opening in order to fit behind the opening and be secured into the runners.

For openings of up to 12 ft wide, the door supplied will be 2 inches wider than the opening.

For openings of 12 ft and over, the door supplied will be 4 inches wider than the opening.

These standard doors are suitable for openings up to seven feet high but we can also supply doors for openings of up to ten feet high on demand. Please contact us on 07850 368 501.

The door is fully automated as standard.

We can supply doors of any width. If you have a specific requirement please contact us by phone (07850 368 501), email ( or using the contact us section in this website. We will be happy to provide any further information.

Sizes shown are maximum widths, doors can be manufactured at any width up to these maximum widths at these prices. Please specify exact width when ordering or contact us for further details.

Maximum width of
garage door opening
( + £65 delivery)
7 feet 6 inches£1935.00£1200.00
8 feet 6 inches£2050.00£1250.00
10 feet£2250.00£1350.00
12 feet£2750.00£1500.00
14 feet 8 inches£3080.00£1700.00
16 feet£3385.00£1850.00
18 feet£3736.00£2100.00

If you live within the London congestion charge area, or further North than a line between Fort William and Inverness there may be a surcharge depending on the nature of your order ... please contact us to discuss.

Insulation Interlocking 75mm twin walled aluminium sections containing a CFC-free insulating foam provide your door with strength, durability and insulation properties. With space at a premium, this enables your garage to be used as an extra room.

Security Strength is inherent in the construction of the Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller door. Locking is actively engaged by the anti-lift geometry locking straps when the door is closed.

Automation Powered by Somfy and with an impressive 5 year warranty, remote control operation is virtually silent and is exceptionally smooth. Rolling code technology ensures that security is paramount with a unique code generated each time the handset is activated. A wall mounted control box allows operation from inside the garage, whilst a compact handset allows activation of your door from outside your garage or inside your vehicle. For safety and convenience an automatic light illuminates your garage for up to five minutes each time the door is operated.

Safety All Gliderol Roll-A-Glide doors are supplied with a bottom rail safety edge, anti drop device, internal manual release and alarm as standard. The Roll-A-Glide Insulated Automatic Roller door is equipped with an auto reverse safety mechanism, if the door detects an obstruction it will stop, reverse momentarily and then stop again.

Manual Override In the event of power failure a manual winding handle ensures that the door can be opened from inside the garage. An external manual release is also available, as an optional extra. This manual release is compulsory for garages where an alternative entry point is not available unless there is a battery back-up installed.

Headroom and Side Room The tight roll of the door requires only 300mm of headroom for doors up to 3000mm in height. The Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller door may be installed either within the opening if side room is limited or behind the opening, allowing drive through access of the full opening width of the garage. Gliderol insulated roller doors fit any shape or size of garage doorway, top or arched openings.

Space Saving As with the Gliderol single skin roller door the Roll-AGlide Insulated Roller door opens vertically with no kick out making it ideal for a short driveway and to maximise the space within your garage as your vehicle can be placed right up against the door. Inside the garage the door rolls up tightly and neatly above the lintel, allowing you to additionally utilise all the roof space in your garage and maximise drive through height for taller vehicles.

Finish Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium the Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller door is available in a choice of standard colours or high grade laminate woodgrain finishes. The low maintenance durable finish requires only an occasional wipe with a cloth and mild soapy water.

Guarantees Gliderol provide a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts, a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on the motor and a limited ten year guarantee on the door finish.

Secured By Design - Offical Police Security Initiative Glideriol Insulated Roller Doors have successfully completed independent testing as part of the Secured By Design Offical Police Security Initiative recognised on a national level providing great peace of mind for many people who store valuable items in their garages.

You may be interested in the Gliderol insulated roller door support page on this site where you can see some useful diagrams to do with measurements and installation.

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All Gliderol products are CE marked (newly re-tested) and manufactured within our audited ISO 9001 quality systems (recently updated to 2015)